WEM: Wine Environment Manager

wem proton

The wem proton command will download and install GE Proton releases:

$ wem proton 6.5-GE-2

You can install GE Proton for usage with Steam like this:

$ wem proton 6.5-GE-2 --proton-dir $HOME/.steam/root/compatibilitytools.d

To see available versions:

$ wem list --proton

To see installed versions:

$ wem list --proton --installed

To use an installed GE Proton version, run wem list --proton --installed to see the path to your installed versions, then set your WineExe to the desired path.

$ wem cfg tes3 --wine-exe $HOME/.local/share/wem/proton/Proton-6.5-GE-2/dist/bin/wine --no-render --save
$ wem run tes3 --wine-exe $HOME/.local/share/wem/proton/Proton-6.5-GE-2/dist/bin/wine

Fish completion can be used to autocomplete any installed GE Proton versions, but completion files need to be regenerated after installing your first GE Proton.

NOTE: Listing uses the Github API, which is ratelimited at 60 requests per hour. When this is exceeded, WEM won't be able to validate versions.