WEM: Wine Environment Manager

Installing WEM

Precompiled Binary

The latest amd64 binary built by Sourcehut CI on each commit is always available at:

https://wem.hristos.co/files/wem.tar.bz2 (sha256sum)

You can run these commands in a terminal to get a folder called wem with a binary called wem that you can put into your $PATH.

wget https://wem.hristos.co/files/wem.tar.bz2
wget https://wem.hristos.co/files/wem.tar.bz2.sha256sum.txt
sha256sum -c wem.tar.bz2.sha256sum.txt
tar -xvf wem.tar.bz2
# Change this destination as desired, preferrably some place in your $PATH
mv -iv wem/wem $HOME/.local/bin/

The binaries are built on Debian "oldstable" (source ).

Linux Distro Packages

Install WEM with your favorite distro's package manager:


WEM source code is hosted by Sourcehut. Compiling source requires Go 1.16 or newer:

$ git clone https://git.sr.ht/~hristoast/wem
$ cd wem
$ make

This produces a wem binary in the working directory.