WEM: Wine Environment Manager

wem cfg

$ wem cfg tes3

The wem cfg command allows editing and viewing the WEM configuration for a particular env. Running cfg with no arguments will print the selected env's configuration to stdout.

Environment variables such as $HOME are supported, and you can use values in other values via the {{.ThingName}} syntax (note the leading period).

$ wem cfg tes3 --install-expected "{{.WinePrefix}}/drive_c/game/Morrowind.exe" \
               --wine-prefix /home/hristos/games/WinePrefixes/morrowind

Note that nested variables do not render:

# BAD: $HOME won't render in the InstallExpected value!
$ wem cfg tes3 --install-expected "{{.WinePrefix}}/drive_c/game/Morrowind.exe" \
               --wine-prefix \$HOME/games/WinePrefixes/morrowind

Use the --no-render flag to disable rendering of variables:

$ wem cfg tes3 --no-render

Only print changed values with --no-unchanged:

$ wem cfg tes3 --no-render --no-unchanged

Options may be set or changed as well:

$ wem cfg tes3 --dxvk-version "1.8.1"

However the --save flag must be used to persist changes:

$ wem cfg tes3 --dxvk-version "1.8.1" --save

Note that any variables used will be rendered when saving, unless the --no-render flag is used:

$ wem cfg tes3 --dxvk-version "1.8.1" --no-render --save

Check out the wem run documentation for details about all options.

All config values are stored in the env's config file in the $HOME/.config/wem directory.

$ cat $HOME/.config/wem/tes3.cfg
Date = "2002-05-01"
DxvkVersion = ""
Esync = false
Fsync = false
GogSilentInstall = true
InstallArgs = []
InstallExe = "{{.InstallWorkDir}}/setup_tes_morrowind_goty_2.0.0.7.exe"
InstallExpected = "{{.WinePrefix}}/drive_c/game/Morrowind.exe"
InstallWorkDir = "/home/hristos/games"
Name = "Morrowind"
QuietRun = true
ReducePulseLatency = false
RestartPulse = false
RestoreResolution = false
RunArgs = []
RunExe = "C:\\game\\Morrowind.exe"
RunPost = ""
RunPre = "{{.Winetricks}} d3dcompiler_43 d3dcompiler_47 vcrun2010 d3dx9"
RunPrefix = ""
RunSuffix = ""
RunWorkDir = "{{.WinePrefix}}/drive_c/game"
SingleCore = false
SysEnvVars = []
VirtualDesktop = "1920x1080"
Vkd3dVersion = ""
VulkanIcdLoader = ""
WineArch = "win32"
WineArgs = []
WineDllOverrides = "dinput,d3d8=n,b"
WineExe = "/bin/wine"
WinePrefix = "/home/hristos/games/WinePrefixes/tes3"
Winetricks = "/bin/winetricks"