WEM: Wine Environment Manager

WEM Tips

wem man

The WEM manpage can be accessed via the wem man command. It should serve as an offline reference for WEM commands and options.

wem tutorial

The WEM tutorial is a short guide that's built into WEM and accessed via the wem tutorial command.

It's meant to be a quick introduction to the usage patterns of WEM, and to give you an idea of the sort of things that can be done.

Shell Completions

The wem completion command can generate shell completions for fish or bash.

Shell completion makes using WEM much more convenient as it can help discover and explain the many available options. In particular with fish, which has support for autocompleting not only all commands and arguments, but also for available envs and installed DXVK/VKD3D/GE Wine/wine versions.


Winetricks can be invoked for an env via wem run tes3 --winetricks. WEM provides the necessary context to ensure the right prefix, wine executable, and other variables are made available to winetricks.

The protontricks tool is not needed for WEM envs; it is enough to simply invoke winetricks as described above.


Use these resources to find information about whether or not your application runs with wine.

If the game or program you are looking for isn't already documented, then that's a good opportunity to help change that!

These references will help you better understand the various patterns around working with wine.