WEM: Wine Environment Manager

wem list

The wem list command will list available and installed components, including envs:

$ wem list --env

Available DXVK versions can be listed:

$ wem list --dxvk

As well as installed versions:

$ wem list --dxvk --installed

Same for VKD3D:

$ wem list --vkd3d
$ wem list --vkd3d --installed

And wine:

# Listing available wine versions isn't yet supported!
$ wem list --wine --installed

GE Wine versions can also be listed. Check for available versions:

$ wem list --ge-wine

Or installed:

$ wem list --ge-wine --installed

List all installed things:

$ wem list --env --dxvk --ge-wine --vkd3d --wine --installed

List all available things:

$ wem list --dxvk --ge-wine --vkd3d

NOTE: Listing uses the Github API, which is ratelimited at 60 requests per hour. When this is exceeded, WEM won't be able to validate versions.